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Welcome To Reflexology

Welcome To Reflexology! Reflexology is an amazing alternative therapy that everybody can learn to practice. On this website, there is provided all the necessary information in order to make the reflexology available to everyone and learn how to practice it everywhere.

Reflexology has many uses and benefits: you can use it as a part of a health programme, or you can use it as a remedy for different problems, like hangover or to stop a baby from crying.

Reflexology only promotes the balance and relaxation for a healthier body, you use it by applying different techniques and is very easy to remember the points from your palms or feet that are related with different organs.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapy for health and relaxation and means applying pressure using the thumb on certain points from your palms, feet, face and ears.

What does reflexology do?

  • relaxes your mind and body
  • creates balance and harmony in your organism
  • increases blood circulation

Can anyone do it?

Absolutely yes. Every person can learn how to do reflexology and can practice it on them, on their friends, family, babies, etc.

It is a medical treatment?

No, it is not a medical treatment, but is an alternative medicine. In many cases, reflexology can be more effective than a medical treatment.

Can cure illness?

Reflexology doesn’t cure illness or diseases. This therapy helps your body to be in balance and to keep your health under control, in order to avoid illness.

Is it dangerous?

No, it’s not dangerous. There is a small number of people that are not suitable to receive reflexology.

On what areas on your body you apply reflexology?

  • feet
  • face
  • ears
  • hands

Using the information from this website, you will easily remind the reflexology map from your body and how to use it. Reflexology is amazing!


Introduction in Reflexology

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