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Reflexology Technique to Relieve Sinuses

When you practice reflexology technique to relieve sinus, you apply the pressure on the tips of the toes and fingers. You can practice this reflexology technique on your fingers in public, and nobody to know what are you doing.

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Hand Reflexology Techniques and Step by Step Instructions

Hand reflexology is as effective as reflexology on other parts of the body. But, it is preferred to practice foot reflexology, because the foot reflexes are closer to the skin, than hand reflexes. So, if you have to choose between hand or foot reflexology, go for the foot reflexology.

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Amazing Reflexology Technique to Stop Vomiting

This reflexology technique is amazing for 2 reasons: it is very very easy to apply it and the effect is real. This reflexology trick will stop vomiting and it will make you feel very relaxed. Keep in mind that this trick is effective in cases like hangover, if you drank ...

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Amazing Reflexology Technique To Relieve Headache

Is very simple to relieve a headache using this reflexology technique because head is connected with the fingers and toes. Many people are bad informed and think that in order to get rid of a headache you should press on the painful points on the head. This is a mistake. ...

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Amazing Reflexology Technique for Weight Loss

This reflexology trick is amazing for people who desire to lose weight. If you already have a slimming program that include a healthy diet and sport, you definitely should add a reflexology session for weight loss in your lifestyle. You can be sure that reflexology will help you a lot ...

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Welcome To Reflexology

Welcome To Reflexology! Reflexology is an amazing alternative therapy that everybody can learn to practice. On this website, there is provided all the necessary information in order to make the reflexology available to everyone and learn how to practice it everywhere.

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