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Reflexology Technique to Relieve Hangover Immediately

The reflexology technique to relieve hangover is one if the easiest and simple reflexology trick. What means hangover when we talk about symptoms: hangover = headache + stomach ache.

After you will use this trick, you can drink with confidence plenty of water, without being worried that you will be dizzy or have nausea. This reflexology trick is amazing because the hangover feeling will disappear and you will feel better.

Step 1. Identify the meridian

  1. this trick is applied on the second toe on each foot
  2. apply this trick in the meridian from that toe ( just under the nail) – this meridian point is related with the stomach

Step 2. Stimulate the stomach meridian point

  1. using the thumb, firmly press the meridian point, using circular moves – press from 2 minutes in one way and another 2 minutes on the other way
  2. apply this trick on the right foot, then on the left foot

Step 3. Place your wrists under water

This trick is effective also for a person who still drink and start to feel sick. Place your wrists under cold running water for 30 seconds. This trick should make you feel better.

These 3 steps are very easy to apply and it is a real reflexology trick. Good luck with your hangover!


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