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Reflexology Technique For Swollen Glands

There are several reasons for which you have swollen glands and when this happens, is very painful. Swollen glands can be treated using reflexology, but is important to know that this reflexology technique is for mild swelling. This technique is recommend to be applied on the foot. Start with the right foot, then with the left foot.

Step 1. Water

Like in any other reflexology session or technique, we have to help the body to remove the toxins, by drinking a big glass of water.

Step 2. Rotate the toes

Begin with the big toe and finish with the little toe.

Hold the toe from the base and rotate it in big circular moves. Stretch the base joint.

Hold the toe above the second and then the third joint and start to rotate the finger.

Now, rotate every tip of the toe.

This reflexology step is amazing to relieve swollen glands, and also to relieve headaches, because the joints are strongly connected with the bones and jaws from head.

Step 3. Walking the thumb

Begin with the thumb of the right foot and the continue with every toe until the small one. gently walk the thumb on the Thyroid and Pituitary gland. Repeat this move for 1 minute.

Here you find more information about foot reflexology techniques:

Step 4. Have something sweet

When you have swollen glands, it is recommended to have something sweet (it is preferable something natural like honey). Natural sugar will help the throat and vocal chords to relax.


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