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Reflexology Technique to Relieve Sinuses

When you practice reflexology technique to relieve sinus, you apply the pressure on the tips of the toes and fingers. You can practice this reflexology technique on your fingers in public, and nobody to know what are you doing.

There are several reason to have blocked sinuses: high fever, colds, flu or dust from the air. This reflexology technique will unblock your sinuses, but is important to know that doesn’t cure sinusitis. After using the reflexology trick to unblock your sinuses, you will breath on the nose again.

As any other reflexology session or technique, start with your right hand/foot, then with the left hand/foot

Step 1. Water

Drinking water is an important and a customary step when you receive reflexology. Water helps the organism to eliminate easily the toxins. Drink a big glass of water

Step 2. Squeeze the tip of toes/fingers

Squeeze the side of the tips of every fingers and toes, using a pulsing motion, for 5 seconds.

Step 3. Stimulate meridian points

Stimulate the meridian points that are situated right under nails. Stimulate meridian points, starting with the thumb and finish with the little finger. Stimulate them by applying pressure 10 seconds clockwise and another 10 second anti-clockwise.

Step. 4 Left hand

Repeat all the steps on the left hand

Step 5. Water