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Reflexology Technique To Relieve Shoulder Ache

If you spent long time in front of the computer, I assume you already know how worst is the shoulder ache. When shoulder ache appears when you are at work or in the middle of something, this reflexology technique will help you a lot. Shoulder ache can be so painful, that can spread from the neck to the whole shoulder.

This reflexology technique to relieve shoulder ache can be also used to relieve mild neck pain. This reflexology technique is applied on the foot and it takes around 10 minutes. Using these steps, it is likely to feel something like bubbles under the skin. These bubbles represents energy blockages and you should massage the area with bubbles until they disappear.

Be gentle when you use this reflexology technique. If you are use force, you will not treat the problem, you will not cleat the bubbles and is possible to stress a tendon or a muscle from the feet.

These energy bubbles are directly related with the shoulder ache. After you finish to diminish the energy bubbles, you can start the next step.

Step 1. Water 

Have one big glass of water. As you already know, during reflexology body try to create a balance and start to eliminate toxins. Drinking water is the best way to help organism to get rid of waste.

Step 2. Walk the thumb on the spine area 

This reflexology is great and eliminate the shoulder pain for sure. Start with the right foot, do all the steps and then start with the left foot.

Move up the thumb on the spine area, starting from the heel, to the tip of the toe. Move down the thumb from the toe to the heel. ( as you can see in the image)

Here you find more information about foot reflexology techniques:

Step 3. Walk the thumb on the neck area 

Move the thumb with up and down moves, right and left moves and cirular moves on the neck area.

Step 4. Walk the thumb on the shoulder area 

During step 4 and step 5, put your patient to take deep breaths in the stomach by inhaling the air through the nose, keeping the air in the stomach for 1 second and to exhale through the mouth.

Move your thumb with up and down –  right and left moves on the shoulder area. Be very gentle.

Step 5. Walk the thumb on the shoulder area on the top of the foot

Repeat the step 4, but on the top of the shoulder area, just under the little toe. Then, for about 30 seconds, gently rub the bone under the little toe for 30 seconds. Rub it using circular moves.

Step 6. Left foot

Repeat all the steps on the left foot.

Step 7. Water 


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