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Reflexology Sleeping Technique – Fall Asleep in Less Than 10 Minutes!

This reflexology technique is very effective both for adults and children and helps people to fall asleep. The person who receive this sleeping technique should stay very comfortable and also should give the permission to receive this technique.

If the person who receive the sleeping technique is not comfortable with the person who massage their feet to fall asleep in front of him, trick sleeping trick will fail. You can apply this trick on yourself, but unfortunately it’s not as effective as it is if somebody else is doing to you.

Step 1. Get comfortable 

The person who receive reflexology should stay very comfortable, because is going to fall asleep. You should cover your patient with a blanket because it is hard for somebody to fall asleep when its body is exposed.

Is also very very important that the person who offers the reflexology to stay very comfortable at the feet of the patient. Sometimes, it may takes 5 minutes to find your comfortable position.

Step 2. Hold the feet

Hold the right foot with the right hand and the left foot with the left hand. Look at the picture. Place your thumb in the diagram area and wrap your fingers in the back of the foot.

Here you find more information about foot reflexology techniques:

Step 3. Deep breathing 

Ask your patient to take deep breaths and to breath into the stomach. If the chest moves up and down, that means the patient breath into the chest and will be very hard for him to relax. Be sure your patient is breathing into the stomach.

When the patient deeply inhale, release the pressure from the diagram area. When the patient exhale the air, apply pressure on the diagram area. Continue to repeat this moves, until your patient fall asleep and his breathing become regulated.

This sleeping technique shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. This technique can be a part of a medical treatment to prevent insomnia. When you apply this trick do not forget to check if the person you are doing reflexology is breathing into the stomach.


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