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Reflexology foot maps

There are 5 easy ways to learn the important point from the feet using 5 basic maps:

  • General Reflexology Foot Map Areas
  • Reflexology Foot Chart – sole
  • Reflexology Foot Chart – inside view
  • Reflexology Foot Chart – outside view
  • Meridian points on toes

Basic reflexology area on the foot

By learning the 5 basic area, it will be very simple to know what area and organs you want to treat, without using a complicated chart. In this way you will know where to start and the direction on how to apply pressing.

Example: how to identify the stomach on your feet using the basic reflexology chart

  • we know that the stomach is usually on the left side of your body, in conclusion the stomach will be on the left foot.
  • using the basic reflexology chart, we know how the foot is divided
  • stomach is situated under the chest area, above the waist line
  • So, the stomach is situated on the left foot, on the area between chest area and waist line

Reflexology foot chart – Sole

This chart is very useful both for beginners and professionals.  This diagram is one of the easiest diagram to learn.

Example: you want to treat blocked sinuses using this chart

  • identify on this chart where the sinuses are located
  • squeeze and relieve this area for 20 seconds, several times
  • start with the right foot, then with the left foot
  • rotate all the joints of the fingers from this area
  • finish the right foot, then start with the left foot

Reflexology foot chart – Inside 

Analyse this chart and identify the spine area. This area is one of the most important area in reflexology because is strongly connected with the bones, nerves, articulations etc from your brain.

Reflexology foot chart – Outside

Look at this chart and how to interpret it: the shoulders are situated on the outside foot area, near the toes.

Example: how to treat a shoulder ache

  • identify the spine area that is at the same level with the shoulder area
  • move the thumb on the spine area for several minutes with up and down moves
  • then, move the thumb on the shoulder area
  • drink a big glass of water

Meridian points on toes

When you stimulates the meridian points, apply pressure very firmly on each point, with clockwise moves an reverse.


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