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Hand Reflexology Techniques and Step by Step Instructions

Hand reflexology is as effective as reflexology on other parts of the body. But, it is preferred to practice foot reflexology, because the foot reflexes are closer to the skin, than hand reflexes. So, if you have to choose between hand or foot reflexology, go for the foot reflexology.

Hand reflexology will have the same effects as feet reflexology, but the result will not appear so fast; it will take a longer time. Hand reflexology is mostly used when you practice reflexology on yourself. Usually, hand reflexology is used to get rid o headaches, constipation, stress, but also for many other problems.

When you practice hand reflexology, you use a completely different technique in comparison with the technique from foot reflexology.

Hands are more flexible than feet and the reflexes are deeper. So, you have to go deeper and hold longer, in order to stimulate the points from the hand.

The best way when you practice hands reflexology on a patient, is to sit at the table and put a towel in the patient’s hands.


The point we have to stimulate on the hands are situated very deep.

How to reach hand reflexes 

  1. using a finger ( you can use the thumb or another finger), place it on a point on your hand and firmly apply pressure
  2. keep the finger on that point and start to rotate it; in this way you will apply pressure using circular moves
  3. repeat this technique on other points on the hand, for 3-5 seconds

How to do reflexology on the hand

Start every reflexology session with the right hand, massage the entire hand and then start with the left hand. The same rule as in the feet reflexology.

Step 1. Relaxation exercises 

  1. Use oil or cream to and gently massage the wrist of the hand, using outwards moves
  2. Move your fingers, one finger per time, inside of the palm.
  3. turn your hand over and gently across the top of the hand, using your thumbs to push from between the knuckles, to the wrist
  4. squeeze the hand, remove the oil using a towel and repeat the exercises on the left hand

Step 2. Stimulate the hand meridians

Apply pressure for 3-5 seconds using circular moves (clockwise and reverse) on meridian points. Identify the meridian points in the next picture.

Meridian points on the hand represent:

  • Lung Meridian
  • Colon/ Large Intestine Meridian
  • Heart Constrictor Meridian
  • Triple Burner Meridian
  • Heart
  • Small Intestine


Step 3. Fingers

Fingers are connected with the neck and the glands, brain, skull, facial skin, ears, hearing and sight.

Start from the top of the thumb to the base of the thumb. Repeat this process until you stimulate very well the finger. Apply this massage on all fingers.

Step 4. Palm

The body torso is represented by the palm. notice that your palms have a different color in different areas: the lither area is connected with the liver, stomach; the pink area is connected to your chest and the bottom of the palm is connected with digestive system. The area under the middle finger is connected with shoulders.

  1. gently massage with up and down moves the padding area between fingers
  2. repeat the same moves on the area above the centre of the palm
  3. next area you should massage is the outer edge of the hand
  4. also, using the same technique, massage the area from the base of the thumb to the outer edge
  5. rub the wrist from the right to the left and reverse, for 1 time

Step 5. Back of the hand

Place the hand with the palm down. Using the same technique, but much more gentle, start to apply pressure.

  1. apply pressure just in one direction, from the knuckles to the wrist, until you applied pressure on the whole back of the hand.
  2. also apply pressure on the wrist and around the wrist

Step 6. Repeat on the left hand

Step 7. Relaxation exercises 

  1. apply cream or oil on the left hand that is still with the palm down and using gentle moves, start to rub from knuckles to the wrist
  2. rub the wrist for 15 seconds
  3. gently squeeze every finger
  4. repeat on the right hand

Step 8. Water

It is very important to drink plenty of water, because during and after reflexology, organism start to detoxify and to remove the toxins. Drinking enough water, you will help the body to eliminate the toxins.

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