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Foot Reflexology Techniques and Step by Step Instructions

In this article you will learn about foot reflexology and step by step instructions.


On the the most used reflexology foot technique is thumb walking. This technique is very easy to use it and you hand will not get tired. You just simply move forward your thumb, by applying pressure. You can use this technique for long period of time.

Step 1. Which part of the thumb we use 

  1. put your palms together and look at the top of your thumbs
  2. roll the top of your thumbs until the nails are touching
  3. now, feel the area where your thumbs are touch each other (the top)

So, this is the area of the thumb you should use when you practice thumb walking. You use the inside top of the thumb.

Step 2. Thumb walking technique

  1. hold a pen with one hand
  2. using the other hand, put the part of the thumb from step 1 on the pen
  3. bend your thumb
  4. now, straight your thumb without moving your hand; simply straight it while keeping on the pen.

You will notice that:

  • your thumb slightly moved forward
  • in this way you applied pressure with the part of the thumb that touches the pen
  1. repeat, repeat, repeat – bend- unbend

Apply pressure when you have the thumb unbend and move it when you bend it. Take your time, practice this technique and will notice that it is very easy to use it. You can practice this technique on everything (a chair, TV remote etc.)


Start every reflexology session with right foot; after you finished with it, start with the left foot.

Step 1. Relaxation exercises

  1. for 30 seconds, massage slowly but firmly  the hole feet, starting with the toes.
  2. hold the spine area with both hands; the fingers should be on the top of the foot and thumb on the bottom.
  3. twist the hands very slowly around the foot in order to twist the spine area from the foot

Step 2. Thumb walking the spine

  1. move the thumb up on the spine area from the heel to the top of the foot thumb
  2. move the thumb down on the spine area in the same way
  3. move the thumb down spine area, but moving your finger from right to left


Step 3. Rotate the toes

Start with the big toe until to the small toe.

  1. take the toe and firmly move it in circular moves; basically rotate the toe and stretch the base of the toe.
  2. keep the toe above the second joint and then rotate the toe in a large circular motion
  3. rotate the top joint of every toe toe

This technique is amazing to get rid of headaches and relaxes the bones from your head. When you rotate the toes, you improve blood circulation in your head.

Step 4. Stimulate meridian points on toes

You can find the meridian point on the top of all toes, except the middle toe. You will see an image with a diagram to exactly identify these points. it is very easy to remeber these points because they are basically located under the nails.

  1. support the toe and use the thumb to press meridian points, using clockwise circular moves for 10 seconds and reverse.
  2. repeat this procedure for every toe

Step 5. Thumb walk the toes

Move your thumb starting from the bottom of the toes, to the top. Repeat this move on each toe and on the both sides. During this move, gently apply pressure.

The intensity of pressure depend from person to person. Some persons like a high pressure, but others do not like because they cannot relax anymore. Before to apply pressure, you should ask you patient how it likes. Many people are very sensitive in the toes area.

Step 6. Thumb walk chest area

The chest area is located in the ball of the foot. You will see more exactly in the picture.

  1. gently apply pressure on this area, using up and down moves.

Step 7. Thumb walk top and back of foot

Majority of people are very sensitive when it comes this area.

  1. move your thumb from the toes to the ankle, for the entire top of the foot
  2. move your thumb from the right to the left on the entire top of the foot

Step 8. Thumb walk on liver/stomach area

In this case, you should apply pressure on the waist line. You can identify it in the picture from above.

  1. apply pressure on the area between the chest and above the waistline
  2. reverse

Step 9. Thumb walk intestinal area

Again, use the picture to identify this area. This area is connected with the large and small intestines in the body. In this area, try to move your thumb in the same direction that foods moves in your intestines.

Step 10. Thumb walk pelvic area

Also, use the diagram to identify this area.

  1. move the thumb from the left to the right side on this area.
  2. apply pressure using the thumb on the back of the heel
  3. finish the reflexology session by massaging the entire foot.

Step 11. Repeat all the steps on the left food

Water – after every reflexology session, the patient should drink plenty of water. 

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