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Face Reflexology Techniques and Step by Step Instructions

Face reflexology techniques are very easy to learn and is one of the most relaxing things you can offer to somebody. You can also practice face reflexology on yourself, when you feel stressed of have a headache.

On your face exist 15 points that are connected with your body. By stimulating these points, you will improve blood circulation on the connected areas from the body and more important, you will be very relaxed.

Face reflexology makes people happier and more efficient in their work.

Face Reflexology Technique

Face reflexology technique is very similar to hand reflexology technique, but you have to apply it more gentle.

Index finger

  1. Apply pressure on a point from your face using index finger or thumb.
  2. Keep the finger on that point and start to rotate it.
  3. Repeat this procedure in the same point for 15-30 seconds ( clockwise and reverse)

How to do reflexology on the face

When you practice face reflexology, is important that your patient to be very relaxed. Your patient’s position can be: on a chair, with the head and shoulders very relaxed, or laid down. Your position should be behind your patient, not in front of him.

Step 1. Face reflexology

  1. stimulate one time each reflex point from your face. If one point correspond with multiple organs, you can stimulates it more times.
  2. to learn the point you should stimulate, use the chart that I will provide you. Start with number 1 and finish with number 15.
  3. if you want to work on a specific area, use the key diagram, below the chart with reflex points. It is important to know that you have to work on a specific area only when you finished to stimulate all the point from the face


Step 2. Relaxation exercises

  1. using both hand, tap underneath your eyes with the top of the fingers ( move your finger from the nose to the ear)
  2. also using the both hands, massage the jawline from the top of the ears to chin
  3. using the index finger, rub the chin for 15 seconds
  4. using the tip of all fingers, gently rub the area above the chin, around the edges of the mouth, until your firmly rub the cheeks for 30 seconds
  5. using the tip of the fingers, gently rub the nose and the area between nose and eyebrows, where eyebrows meet. Also press on the eyebrows line, only in one direction
  6. when your fingers are at the end of the eyebrows, spread your fingers on the forehead while pressing
  7. gently massage all the scalp

Step 3. Water 

Drinking water you will help your body to get rid of toxins faster. 

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