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Canine Reflexology Techniques

Canine Reflexology is a new concept and basically means reflexology applied on animals, using the same general reflexology concepts.Like humans, dogs also have reflex points in their body and feel very relaxed when are stimulated. The reflex points can be found on the dog body in the paws and around the bottom of their legs.

The reflexology technique on animals is the same as in the human reflexology. You apply pressure on the reflex points that correspond with specific area on their body, in order to stimulate circulation and energy.  Here is how to do reflexology on your dear friend, your dog:

Step 1. Sit next to your relaxed dog 

When your dog is relaxed and stay down, sit next to it. If the dog is not relaxed, will be very difficult to touch its paws and maybe he will run away.

Step 2. Gently touch the paws

Using one finger, start to gently apply pressure on the paws. As in the human reflexology, start with the right paw, then with the left paw.

Gently, start to massage the area between the pads. If the dog enjoy the massage, also massage the bottom of the legs because dogs have also reflex points around the ankles.




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