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Amazing Reflexology Technique to Stop Vomiting

This reflexology technique is amazing for 2 reasons: it is very very easy to apply it and the effect is real. This reflexology trick will stop vomiting and it will make you feel very relaxed. Keep in mind that this trick is effective in cases like hangover, if you drank too much alcohol, eat too much etc. This trick doesn’t work if you want to treat a serious stomach disease.

The reflexology technique to stop vomiting should be a do it yourself trick. You should apply this trick on you.

Find a tap with cold running water. If you don’t have cold tap water, look for something cold, like ice cubes or something frozen from the refrigerator. Place your hands with the palms up under the cold running water.

The point that should stay under cold water is situated at the bottom of the hand, on the line between hand and wrist.  All the meridian points from the hand have their root in the wrist. Wrist is like the centre of the energy flow.

By cooling the wrists, we balance the energies from the entire body. In this way the whole body will be more relaxed and the vomiting will disappear.

Hold your hand under cold water for 30 seconds – 2 minutes.

Remember that in case of a severe disease you should consult a doctor.


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