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Amazing Reflexology Technique To Relieve Headache

Is very simple to relieve a headache using this reflexology technique because head is connected with the fingers and toes. Many people are bad informed and think that in order to get rid of a headache you should press on the painful points on the head. This is a mistake. When you want to get rid of a headache using reflexology, the points you should press are located on your fingers and toes. Also, reflexology means to gently press on the points because it’s also a relaxation method.

Is very easy to get rid of a headache using fingers’ reflexology: you can do it anywhere and it is the fastest method to relieve your headache

Step 1. Water 

Drinking water is a mandatory step when you practice reflexology because it transports the toxins through the blood. The water will help this reflexology technique to work better; to make it more effective.

Hand Reflexology Techniques and Step by Step Instructions

Step 2. Rotate the joints 

The bones from your head are directly connected to the joints and bones from your fingers. This step of this trick will help you improve head blood circulation and sends good energy to your head.

If you apply this trick to yourself, place your hand with the palm down on your stomach. If You apply this trick on somebody, put your patient palms on the table or on any flat surface.

Place your thumb at the base of the fingers and start to rotate the fingers using firmly and circular moves.

Rotate the joints in both ways – this is a relaxation exercise that will make you feel really well.

Now, apply this technique on the thumb. Gently, rotate the top o the thumb and twist it from side to side, for 5 seconds each way.  Apply this technique on all fingers.

Because fingers are composed with 3 joints. be careful to:

  • make a full rotation of the finger from the base joint
  • when you make the circular moves and the twisting, pay attention to the middle joint and the top joint

Step 3. Squeeze gently, but firm

Using gentle, but firmly moves, squeeze all the fingers with up an down moves, on all sides.

Step 4. Breathing

When you practice reflexology technique to relieve a headache, the breath is very important. The person who receive the reflexology should take some big deep breaths, for 1 minute or at least 5 times. This will make the energy to flow better in your body. Taking deep breaths, you oxygenate the brain and it is very helpful to relieve the pain.


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