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11 Things To Know If You’re Learning How To Do Reflexology!

It is very simple to learn how to practice reflexology. It is like making a massage and reading in the same time the reflexology chart. If you want to become a reflexologist, here are 11 things that you have to know when you practice reflexology.

11 Things To Know If You’re Learning How To Do Reflexology!

  1. When you do reflexology, you have to do the whole treatment:massage both feet or hands (not only one of them). You should avoid to treat/massage some specific organs/areas. When you practice reflexology, you have to massage the whole feet. Same in the case of hands, face and ears. You can insist on certain areas, but you have to massage the whole feet.
  2. Ill people are much more sensitive to touches and have a lower pain tolerance.Not everybody is the same. Every time you practice reflexology, ask you patient if the pressure you apply is ok. Very important: do not use reflexology on a person that was in bed more than 24-48 hours.
  3. Use creams and oils to better apply massage techniques:using creams and oils you will make the area that you massage more slippery and will be very relaxing for the patient, when you will applying the massage technique at the end of the reflexology session. Also, the smell of these products can produce relaxation.
  4. Use baby powder for reflexology on feet and hands.Spread baby powder in the whole area that you massage. Baby powder is great in absorbing body oil. In this way, your hands won’t slip and you can concentrate better on applying pressure. I recommend you a baby powder with a nice fragrance.
  5. When you start to practice reflexology, it is recommended to practice on the feet. On the feet you obtain a quick result and you find more information than other parts of the body. Usually, face and ear reflexology is applied on persons who suffers from stress or insomnia. In the feet you can treat a large number of affections. Here you find more information about foot reflexology: Foot Reflexology Techniques and Step by Step Instructions ; Reflexology foot maps
  6. Usually, a reflexology session last 45 minutes.For ill or elder people, is recommended only 30 minutes.
  7. During or after session, some people has a physical response:some people feel the effects of reflexology immediately. You patient can feel small spams, burps, coughs,  and unintentional farts. Another effects can be: crying, feeling very tired and you can feel cold symptoms.You have to keep in mind that these effects are on short term and the patient should drink more water. This is the body reactions in trying to create a balance, by getting rid of toxins in different ways.
  8. Diabetics should check the blood sugar level before and after the session. 
  9. When you practice reflexology, make sure and you and your patient are sitting very comfortable and relaxed. 
  10. When you practice reflexology, during the session you can include relaxation and massage technique.Not only at the final of the session.
  11. There are different reflexology techniques, depending on the area of the body:
  • when you practice reflexology on the feet, you use the thumb.
  • On the hands, it is recommended to apply pressure using circular moves using your index finger


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